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              Welcome to Lewiston-Altura Early Childhood Programs

Lewiston-Altura Early Childhood Program provides children and their families a safe, education- based learning environment through Early Childhood Family Education(ECFE) and School Readiness Preschool classes.  Our Licensed Early Childhood Staff  prepare the classrooms with developmentally appropriate daily activities that are developed to help the students gain confidence in learning from and exploring their environment.  

School Readiness program for children ages 3-5

The Lewiston-Altura School Readiness Program is a Parent Aware 4 star Program designed for children ages 3- through Kindergarten entrance.    Licensed staff provide a daily curriculum and prepare developmentally appropriate activities that are designed to engage the children through play to develop confidence in learning and exploring their environment while having fun and making new friends.
These activities aid in building a strong foundation for a lifetime of learning

Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE)

ECFE is a program for families with children ages birth- age 5 or kindergarten enrollment. Early Childhood Family education (ECFE) classes offer support for parents and family members of children from birth to kindergarten entrance. Parents and members have the opportunity to interact and discuss various topics as decided by the group, with the focus on how children learn and grow and our interactions with them.   For separating classes, during the first part of class, the parents and the children enjoy activities together. The second part of class, the parents join the Parent Educator while the children stay with the Children’s Teacher for snack and more activities.

Introducing our Early Childhood Staff:                                           And Paraprofessionals
Mrs. Tina Sand                                                                                 Mrs. Dawn Webster
Mrs. Vicky Greden                                                                            Mrs. Heather Merchlewitz

Mrs. Stacy Walth (ECSE)                                                                  Mrs. Shannon Gunnarson
Mrs. Valerie Hettenbach (ECSE)                                                     

Mrs. Ann Riebel (ECFE)
​Mrs. Kelli Loveless (ECFE)

Contact: Vicky Greden
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